How Info-Mgt
& Codeacious
became DistyMan

Your Information,
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Our founders have been helping customers make best use

of their data in support of sales and marketing since 2005


Who we are today:

• > 75 designers / developers
• ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management
• ISO-27001:2013 Information and Security Management
• LiteSpeed Hosting with Cloud Distribution
• Supporting Software solutions for Distributor & Manufacturers
Statistics related to B2B / Online sales:

• 67% of all new business begins with a website visit
• 62% of buyers prefer to buy on-line (no contact)
• 57% of the buying decision occurs before first “contact”
• >50 will bounce due to slow page loads and lack of content
• 88% of those that bounce will never

DistyMan Origins

Silicon Valley Origin

Our Silicon Valley team started with careers in sales engineering for Pioneer Standard leading to leading Marketing efforts for XP Power..

In 2005, he established Info-Mgt.net to help manufacturers and distributors make better use of their data in sales and marketing.  Utilizing databases to populate massive websites and print catalogs. This team built specification libraries, application notes, white papers, advertisements and massive websites for clients like GE Energy, Atmel, Sager, Traco Power and more.
New Delhi Origin

Our New Delhi founding team began as a core developing one of the world's largest CMS platforms, evntually establishing Codeacious. Using their PHDs in Master of Computer Applications (MCA) and Application Development, they drove massive projects through next-gen solutions, while customizing and integrating advanced applications for a wide range of customers, many related to e-commerce.

In 2015, Codeacious launched their own e-commerce platform called Sellacious, which is now running on >15,000 websites around the globe.

Shared Projects for  a Decade

Info-Mgt.net and Codeacious began sharing projects in 2008, making use of our skills in both content creation and advanced application development.

Below are just some examples of the websites, catalogs and applications behind them that we devloped for our customers.

As DistyMan, we now offer platform solutions to help our distribution / manufacturing customers.

Previous Generation Projects

More examples can be viewed in our Behance Profile

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