When you need to get those from them,
modify like this, save  here, merge with
these, notify them, trigger that, etc ...

How many softwares does your company have that aren't connected?
Are any of your systems directly connected with your Channel Partner's systems?
How many ________ from  multiple _______ do you need to load in to ________?

Universal Interface

Good enough for embassies - Ideal for Manufacturers & Distributors



Price Updates
Inventory Updates
Part Data Sources
Files / Assets
Customer Inputs
ERP Software
CRM Software
Sales Orders
Manufacturer Data
Distributor Data
Representative Data


Import / export mapping
Data certification and normalizing
Calculations and reporting
Optimized storage compression
Universal API / CRON interface
Safety & security


Website Updates
Customer Notifications
Data Syndication
Software Interfaces
Manufacturer Reports
Distributor Reports
Representative Reports
Sales Collateral Data
3rd Party Listings
Social Media Interaction




One simple tool to connect them all

Data Manager is the swiss army knife solution to an array of challenges that businesses face every day collecting and sharing sharing data with unlimited array of possibilities.  Consider all the information your company must share inside your own company as well as manufacturing partners, vendors, suppliers, sales channel and customers all using different softwares with differing input and output requirements.  .

Data Manager allows you to map data with a siple drag and drop interface. Each mapping is saved for repeatde use, even assign a CRON jobe or connect via API. Now all your data and softwares can finally be connected.

its your information,
managed effectively


SaaS Model

Software as a Service Model


up to 2.5k parts in a single category

$750 per month

Host / Maintain / Backup / Protect

$0.10 per part

>5,000 total parts loaded

$1,500 Set-Up

Typical Cost to Brand & Style

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