an expanding library of more than 16 million
B2B parts and components that drive industries


Tired of always looking
for product data?

Every distributor / supplier website launch must answer this one question, can we get importable data from your manufacturers? 

So we took a look at our target industry.  We found it consists mainly of 16 million parts made by around 1,500 manufacturers, and then millions more of less-common items.  While the data is public domain, only top tier distributors seem able make use of it for their websites.

This all changes with our release of Open Data.

Yes, you can
order it your way

Simply subscribe to the dataset you would like, filter by manufacturer, category and even individual part numbers and output in any way you desire.

Running on our Data Manager platform, you can simply export the data in your desired format(s).  Our platform is both fast and cloud networked to support lightning API interaction, ensuring your site maintains it's own high-speed performance.


Distributor &  Manufacturer Websites


Your trusted partner for

Distributer & Manufacturer


DISTiMAN is the merger of and as a culmination of 20 years of web development, graphic design and marketing for Distributors and Manufacturers. Our experience and skills have resulted in the development and launch of DISTiMAN as a platformed website products, simply waiting to configured to satisfy your design and content requirements. This development has taken 5 years of ongoing development by our team with additional support and qualification from 3rd party programming partners.

Field-Proven & Qualified

Reducing Bounce Rate

In 2015 we decided to create our own e-commerce platform called Sellacious.  The market was screaming for a functioning and feature-rich e-commerce solution that did not require hundreds of additional hours to work properly.  This e-commerce tool is the back-bone of DISTiMAN's solution, greatly enhanced for requirements of the Distributor & manufacturer.  This tool has been downloaded more than 150,000 times and supporting >10.500 Websites

ISO 9001:2001 Stabilized Design

Reducing Bounce Rate

DISTiMAN being a platform product, follows stringent design, development and quality control prior to releasing updates down to all our users.  Our processes have been qualified to meet ISO 9001:20015 standards, helping us to maintain the highest possible quality in our ongoing development and support of DISTiMAN.

Data Security

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Playing in the world of Big Data, with massive deployments serving millions of parts for small businesses through government entities, our systems and process must ensure protect not only our  own developments, but those of the customers we serve.  Our Information Security and Management procedures have been qualified to ISO 27001:2013 standards to help us protect investments in programming and content.

3rd Party Support / Qualification


The DISTiMAN team relied on support from outside development organizations to provide programming expertise as well as rigorous qualification and testing to ruggedize our platform for mass deployment with companies requiring massive levels of content and transactions.

Antivirus / Back-Up

Mass Export & Re-Import

DISTiMAN developers are continuously improving the platform and eliminating all possible vulnerabilities and exploitation that hackers might employ.  To provide absolute security, all customer sites are continuously monitored with SUCURI Virus / anti-hacker / firewall protection softwares, a wold leader in protecting website deployments.  In addition, all our sites enjoy quad -raid protection for N+2 fault protection and weekly back-ups.

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